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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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uncovering new details. as we come on the air this morning, we're getting new information about the story that everyone has been talking about. what we've lerched about the man who pulled the trigger at the deadly movie theater shooting in >> it is story that stunned our area. right now the man accused of a shocking crime at a metro station has his day in court. >> a perfect summer day. can we get it to last into part of the weekend? a look at that coming up. plus a busy intersection gets ready for arrange barrelsorange barrels. what you need to know about a year-long project that is about to begin. news 4 midday starts right now.
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we start the morning at the live desk. we're getting new information about a man who shot nine people in a movie theater and then shot himself. police say he was staying at a hotel near the movie theater and when police got in there they found wigs glasses and another license plate for his car. police say he was planning an escape. they say he opened fire about 20 minutes into the movie "train wreck", and then he left and tried to leave with the crowd. when he saw the police he went back in and shot himself. police don't know why he picked this city and these people. >> we talked to some of the family members last night who don't have very much contact with him or haven't seen him. so he just seemed like he was kind of drifting along. >> now, houser killed two young women two survivors got out of
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the hospital this morning but the others are still recovering and one of them is in critical condition. >> thanks, chris. the white house says president obama was briefed about the shooting aboard air force one while on his way to africa. the president asked him team to keep can him updated on the investigation and the status of those wounded. >> the writer and star of the movie is condemning the movie. amy schumer says my heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in louisiana. throughout the air more terrifying stories from inside the theater as well as what we're learning about the gunman the motive and the people inside the theater. right now here at home, a man is getting ready to go before a judge in connection with a murder on metro. d.c. police say jasper spires stabbed a man to death.
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days before the murder spires was released from jail on assault charges in a separate case. he has hearings in both cases today. one starting just minutes ago at 11:00. we'll pass along an update from the courtroom as soon as we get it. a texas prosecutor says sandra's death has been ruled suicide by banging. the medical examiner says marks around her neck are consistent with suicide by hanging and the autopsy found no defensive wounds or signs of a struggle. prosecutors add there were 30 cuts on bland's wrists that the medical examiner believes were probably self-inflicted a few weeks ago. however, bland's family maintains she would not have taken her own life. the young woman's death and arrest are under investigation right now. she was pulled over in a routine traffic stop that quickly escalated. i'm sure you've seen the video by now.
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bland's funeral is tomorrow in chicago. >> if you live in the glen mont area of montgomery county, you could be in for traffic snarls. take a look here. a weekend traffic shift is planned at the intersection of georgia avenue and randolph road. we are there live. how is it looking? >> reporter: it's after the morning rush, and it's still busy. i just spoke to state highway and one of the biggest concerns about this traffic shift is safety for drivers and for the construction workers who will be out here. that's why if at all possible, they're asking you to avoid this area this weekend. the morning commute is slow going at this massive construction sight to redesign one of montgomery county's biggest interchanges. you see the morning rush hour traffic. it's one lane. >> reporter: now drivers and pedestrians should prepare for a new twist around all the orange
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cones that could make your drive here more complicated when traffic shifts to just one lane in each direction on both georgia avenue and randolph road. this driver says he will now find another way. >> the intersection needed some upgrading. there was a lot of traffic, especially in the afternoons and mornings. it was usually very tight around here, so i usually avoided it. >> reporter: the new traffic pattern kicks in tonight at 9. drivers be ware. expect delays as there are new double yellow lines and they turn off existing traffic lights and activate new ones. >> if it's the one lane that you have to wait to signal to go while the other ones are stopped, that's ridiculous. >> reporter: nobody likes traffic. police and construction crews will be ready to help get you through the interchange, especially when the signal lights go dark but you need to expect major delays in this
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area. your best bet is to avoid it if at all possible until monday when all of the traffic lanes are expected to reopen. live in glen mont, news 4. another day with low humidity and a gorgeous true blue sky over the metro area. a live view from the tower camera. we have this gorgeous day underway. the radar scanning the sky from the beaching all the way to the mountains. no showers. no thundershowers anywhere in our region. it is quickly warming. reagan national now is at 85 right near the chesapeake bay in the low 80s. and north and west of washington, upper 70s and 80s. right now shenen doeandoah valley upper 70s. the mountains also a gorgeous day underway. enjoy. all right. get ready. you could be sitting in a big traffic jam if you don't avoid
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one stretch of highway this weekend. and take a look at this incredible video of a crash caught on camera.
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this morning we are tracking how people are using social media. the sound off about the shooting in lafayette hash tag lafayette has been trending for hours. lots of tweets about gun violence. where is it safe to exist hash tag, lafayette, charleston, too many painful hash tags. an actor addressed mental illness in his tweet saying can we stop blaming content and focus on mental health and gun availability. sandy phillips the mother of a woman killed in a shooting said here we go again, america.
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this is freedom? not all reaction is in favor of changing gun laws. one marine saying poor lafayette, we need to get rid of gun but that's why good people need guns, iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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i've never seen the weather emoji so giddy. gorgeous day today. and later today even with the low humidity, it's going to get pretty hot. we'll be quickly climbing. money much of the region by 1:00 hovering around high 80s. by 7:00 back to the mid 80s. lots of sun shine. the low humidity with us through the early evening.
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out for a length of time but make sure you put on the sun block and protect yourself from the sun. we have strong sun this time of year with this dry air. you can get a quick burn unprotected. a look at changes for the weekend when i join you next. that is not a scene from a movie. here. an unbelievable crash here. nobody hurt when that train smashed into the limo. everyone was able to get out safely. the wheels isn't quite make it there. some bystanders tried to signal the train operator. it was too late. they had to remove the limo from the tracks. new details and pictures coming out today from nasa's team on the pluto mission. they're having a press conference this morning to
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release these new images and they'll also talk about the latest results from the spacecraft's flight through pluto this month. the pictures are the result of a nine-year 3 billion mile journey by the new horizon spacecraft. >> remembering a well known religious leader from our area.
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he looked like he was very calm, just standing there kind of walking down the aisle and firing. >> there's never a reason for these kinds of acts of violence, but i suspect in this case we won't get anything close to an explanation. >> everybody is wondering why would this guy come here to this theater and just start randomly shooting people. >> this morning we're hearing from two people inside the theater. both men described what happened right as shots were fired. >> i heard three pops and then following about 10 or 15 seconds later, that's when he said the sirens went off and the pa system said for everyone to evacuate the building. >> three people, including the gunmen were killed. nine others were hurt. look for an update on the victim's conditions coming up in our next half hour. >> this is just coming into the
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live desk. cardinal william wakefield bomb has passed away. he died yesterday after battling a long illness. obamaed served from 1973 to 1980. he also served as a cardinal for the longest time. >> secretary kerri is in new york. the question of accountability is critical here. a lot of people are wondering how weapons monitors will be able to prove iran is not cheating. >> this is nuclear material. it is -- it radiates. you have the ability for literally a thousand years -- this is not something that you can flush down the toilet. >> kerri is speaking at the
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council on foreign relations today. after he'll meet with leaders of jewish groups. >> a child care worker is out of a job and facing charges of child abuse. police say the woman physically abused two babies in her care at the kiddie academy in west end. doctors found 12 bruises on a three-year-old that appeared to be the result of blunt force. police say a witness told them she saw the woman binching over infants. the day care provider said they are working with police. the woman is out on bond. we have your first four traffic. this weekend, construction happening. here is what's happening. closures starting friday night. wrapping up 5:00 a.m. on monday
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mornings. up to three lanes of the inner loop and outer loop can be closed at any time. part of ritchie road also closed down. one lane in each direction closed friday to noon on saturday. traffic also stopped there for up to 15 minutes at a time. have a good one and pack your patience. >> and no travel problems weather wise. if you head out the door for a weekend, maybe going to the pool or the beach, great travel weather. we have sun shine. temperatures around 80. mid 80s in washington. low 80s near the bay. to the west beautiful day on skyline drive where temperatures are 10 degrees cooler. in the valley mid to upper 70s. in the valleys north and west as well, mid to upper 70s. beautiful day on the bay. not much wind for sailing. great weather for enjoying this wonderful summer high. feast your eyes on the four-day forecast.
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in the weekend, still good on saturday. sunday chance of a thunderstorm in the evening and maybe afternoon storms on monday. >> all right. developing out in california wine country. this. the growth of a wildfire in the napa valley area has finally slowed just enough so that some people who were evacuated can come back. evacuation orders were lifted for about 50 of the 200 or so homes affected. the wildfire has burned more than 10 1/2 square miles so far since it started on wednesday. and it's not just california. reinforcements are on the ground in montana where a wildfire is burning out of control. cell phone video shows the moments when one family out camping barely escaped the flames. >> oh my gosh. oh. >> we need to go. >> go. go. no. fast. go. go. >> that's scary. the family did make it to safety.
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the fire tearing through montana's glacier national park is one of the highest priority fires burning across the country right now. the flames are threatening a hotel and a campground where 600 campers were told they just had to leave. hundreds of firefighters are planning their strategy to attack that part of the fire. if you take a look at that dramatic rescue earlier this month in dallas a woman was trapped under a car nature that's when bystanders jumped in to lend a strong hand. >> go ahead and put me in the heavy rescue on this. >> we'll put a heavy rescue on this it. >> reporter: a heavy rescue call for some incredibly heavy lifting after a woman is trapped beneath a vehicle unable to breathe from the crushing weight. the woman pinned under the car after police say a vehicle turned from the wrong lane sliding with her motorcycle and dragging her several feet. first responders unable to use
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a jack to lift the car, knew they had to act fast. >> we knew that we didn't have time to wait any longer. >> reporter: even with a heavy rescue truck on the way, they knew time was running out. so they literally took matters into their own hands. >> so i told the firefighter, i was like there's enough of us here, let's lift it up. let's go. >> reporter: police, firefighters and bystanders, joining to lift the vehicle off the woman. >> it was pretty easy one all the civilians jumped in. they came out of everywhere. i don't know who they were, but a ton of people helped. >> reporter: amazingly, the woman suffered no major injuries. nbc news. >> wow. a dose of good news is
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new details on the military attack in chattanooga. tonight they escorted the bodies of two ma marines and a sailor from the air force base. they will continue to the final resting places. family and friends will gather to remember david wyatt and a memorial service for lance corporal squire skip wells. four marines and a sailor were shot and killed on military facilities. >> and the maryland governor said his tumor has shrunk by about 80%. he says his doctors are very pleased with how he is responding. the governor left the medical center yesterday. it was in june he announced he wasto speed up some metro
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rider's commute may have just slowed down.
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metro is holding off changing how long you wait for a train. the metro board was weighing a plan to increase wait times on the orange, silver, green, and yellow lines that. that move would have caused wait times on the blue line to go down. this is all part of a plan by metro to reorganize train schedules. this would in the impact the red line. the board says it wants more information before making a decision. every picture tells a story. look at this live view from the tour camera. there's the national cathedral, northwest washington. lit up by the summer sun coming out of a blue sky.
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here's another view. another tower camera looking west. this is into montgomery county. excellent visibility all across the region. a blue sky now. temperatures are beginning to climb. up in the upper 70s. in the mid 80s by 1:00. the rest of the afternoon upper 80s. briefly near 90 in the city. >> all right. thank you. new today insurance company anthem is buying cigna for a whopping $48 billion. the new insurance company will become the nation's largest health insurer. this deal comes three weeks after aetna bid for humana. the impact of the big acquisitions will have on us will not be felt for at least a year. that's because insurers have already finalized most of their plans for coverage that starts in january. a proposed memorial getting more
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backing. david keen joining the group's advisory committee. former nbc nightly news tom brokaw joined the committee as well. the project has been slowed by design and funding program. >> ahead, a presidentful hopeful goes ahead to head with a journalist and it's caught on camera. and the district's murder rate climbs. a live report coming up.
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i'm at the live desk with more on the movie theater shooting in louisiana. two survivors got out of the hospital this morning but five others are being treated and one of them is in critical condition. police say the man who shot them is a drifter who had been living in alabama. we've learned john houser's ex-wife and other family members asked for a temporary protective order about six years ago in fact at one point, his ex-wife got so worried she took all the guns and weapons out of their house. he rented a hotel room near the theater where he stashed wigs and disguises. he sat through 20 minutes of the movie before he started firing 13 rounds. he sat by himself. the first two people he shot were right in front of them. the wounded ranged from
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teenagers to someone in their 60s. police say he had a criminal history, including an arrest for arson but nothing in the past ten to 20 years. >> this shooting comes almost exactly three years after the movie massacre in colorado where 12 people were killed. >> james holmes is the convicted killer in that case. the case ended early for the day when a juror went home sick. they decided they would not rule out the death penalty. >> donald trump is back and headed for a weekend campaign of events in iowa. he has brought immigration to the forefront of the race for the white house. but it is the way he has done it that has a lot of people talking. listen to this exchange here he has with msnbc host who asked him about the infamous rapist
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comment that trump made last month. >> you said the people across the boarder are rapists a murders. >> we're talking about illegal immigration. you know what? that's a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. they take -- >> you can hear supporters chaer cheering loud and clear. the top candidates participate in the debate. it looks more and more like trump will be on stage with them. >> maryland state leaders are knocking millions of dollars off the cost of the purple line for montgomery county. in a all right, maryland's transportation secretary tells the county executive the county will have to kick in an extra $40 million and that is instead of the $50 million the state initially invested. prince george's county still in
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talks with the state about its contribution to the project. the cost for both counties went up last month when the governor scaled back state funding. an investigation comes as d.c. police are confirming a massive increase in the number of homicides this year. megaen mcgrath is live with more on this. >> reporter: what began has a shooting has now become a case of murder. the victim has died, and police today have released his name. he's been identified as 25-year-old isaiah jakume. officers were called to daring and southwest. that's when they found the man suffering from several gunshot wounds. a resident said she believes she heard about four gunshots last night. he was alive when taken to the hospital but later died. police are asking witnesses to
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come forward and there's a reward of up to $25,000 for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest. this is the 78th murder in the district to far this year. that's a jump of more than 18%. right now bright sun shine, the low humidity still with us. the temperatures are quickly jumping. in fact, already up into the low to mid 80s right in washington. the nearby suburbs inside the beltway near the bay, a beautiful day there. north and west of the metro, upper 70s. gorgeous day northwestern maryland, shenandoah valley, temperatures around 80. eastern shore as well right around 80 degrees. in the metro forecast for the afternoon, highs reaching near 90 with low humidity. saturday a bit more humid. highs in the low 90s. low 90s with more humidity on sunday and sunday might get a passing shower or thundershower.
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>> okay. new today, police arrest a 24-year-old man from college park on child porn charges. this is kyle kenny. he's charged with dispursing child pornography. he is awaiting his first appearance in court. developing this morning in indiana. five people are dead after a crash involving two tractor-trailers and three cars. it happened early this morning on i 65 just north of fayetteville. you can see just a mess. police tell our sister station that one of the trucks was going too fast in a construction zone before hitting a van, pushing a car off the road and crashing into that other truck. two adults and a child in the van were killed as well as the driver of another car. the truck driver who caused the accident also died. >> a new visitor center complex
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at the flight 93 national memorial in pennsylvania will open on september 10th. it featured an education center and a walkway that traces the flight's path. the tickets are free but they are timed because they expect heavy crowds. man or woman, most of us have owned a pair of these at some point or another but one classic sneaker is in for a big change.
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if you're looking for weekend plans we have our covered. we have three things to check out this weekend straight from our facebook page. >> several outdoor movies are being played this weekend. also, several three yoga classes are happening outdoors, and if you're planning to go to six flags this weekend don't bring
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your selfie stick. they have banned them around the country at six flags. >> it's a change nearly 100 years in the making. chuck taylors all star getting a new design. the new ones will have foam padding inside the ankle. converse says it's all about making the shoe a lot more comfortable for you. the new sale goes on sale in black, white, red and blue. >> an artist is creating trees that can bear 40 different varieties of fruit. he does it through a process called chip grafting. he slices a branch and marries it from a branch of a different variety of a tree. the end result, this. a tree that sprouts any kind of fruit you could want. back to you. >> interesting. i want my oranges to be oranges just orangings.
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>> or how about a money tree? >> wouldn't that be nice. figure out how to grow that. >> this nice weather is about to change. for the weekend. tom's updated forecast coming
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perfect day to take a hike. this is a screen grab i just got from the shenandoah national park. look at the fabulous visibility there. beautiful blue sky over the valley. that park cam is at the pinnacles area. and today much of the region up near 90 but at above 3,000 feet, humid on saturday up near 90. low 90s on sunday. we might get a thundershower sunday evening. otherwise, weekend looks dry but getting more humid and a little bit hotter. on monday a greater chance of an afternoon storm. hot and humid next week.
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>> thank you. today part of the california bridge that washed away in a flood will reopen. state officials say the westbound span of the i 10 bridge reopens at noon. the eastbound span will take long tore fix. it's a vital link between los angeles and phoenix. one man got stuck and seriously hurt when that bridge collapsed on sunday. >> ellen fans or anybody who likes free stuff, it's your chance to get free tickets to her popular 12 day of give aways show. >> that's right. one viewer of our area will win a ticket. members of her audience get all kind of fabulous gifts at those shows. you can enter online at or through the app. search ellen, 12 days. and more local nabtd veighborhoods on bear alert.
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right now police in louisiana trying to figure out why a 59-year-old man opened fire inside a packed movie theater. the lone gun minute shotmen shot and killed three people and then injured nine others. >> we have the latest from lafayette. >> reporter: authorities described the shooter as a bit
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of a drifter. his license is drifted as phoenix city alabama. his family says they're estranged. since early july, he'd been here in lafayette louisiana in a motel room. they searched the moelgt room. inside they found disguises, wigs, false glasses, things that could have changed his appearance. authorities believe that he did not intend to kill himself. >> it is apparent that he was intent on escaping. what happened is the quick law enforcement response forced him back into the theater. at which time he shot himself. >> reporter: authorities say the search of the motel room and his car turned up nothing that would give any indication of what his motive was, what his intent was what he was trying to do here. meanwhile, this theater has now been clear. they have now made sure that there are no explosives in it
11:46 am
that it is not any danger. they're now working on processing it as a crime scene. they say the theater is littered with personal effects, shoes keys, purses other things that people just dropped and ran when the shooting started. an amazing rescue right here caught on camera. we want you to see it. police, this is in illinois, he's pulling the other officer up through a window. they're trying to rescue a man from a wheelchair in baurning house. you see the officer trying to lift the other officer up through a window. then another patrol car comes up. they're able to stand on it to get this poor man out of this burning home. they pull him down just right here. there he is. smoke so thick they couldn't see anything. the officers had to yell to the man just to guide him to get him out. they lifted him out of his wheelchair, then and pulled him through that window. fire officials say he was
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seconds away from being completely overcome by the smoke. >> wow. there has been another black bear spotted in northern virginia. in a wooded area near river bend in. police are not sure if it's the same bear or if this is the animal that attacked the dog even. right now we've got bright sun shine, that low humidity with us. a perfect summer day underway. temperatures are climbing into the 80s and peaking near 90. outside the beltway, north and west of washington temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and south of washington, much of southern maryland in the upper 80s to near 90s.
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the elevations above 3,000 feet along skyline drive, just in the low 70s. around the chesapeake bay, gorgeous day there. lots of sun shine. maybe a few clouds by later this afternoon. highs there reaching the mid 80s. spectacular summer weather for the day. enjoy. >> all right. thank you, tom a wisconsin senator is taking major fire this morning for comments he made about liberal politicians and d.c. school children. republican ron johnson said the obama administration is trying to snuff out school choice in the district. here's what he said next. this is a quote. of course president obama sends his children to private school as did al gore and bill clinton. he goes onto say they just don't want to let those idiot inner city kids that they purport to be to supportive of that they say they help out, they don't
11:49 am
want to give them the same opportunity their own kids tr v. it's disgraceful. he says it was obviously sarcasm. the senator faces a tough reelection next year. >> we could see been learning even more about hillary clinton's use of e-mail when she was with the obama administration. the justice department being asked toitive government information was sent from her private e-mail account. tracie potts reports on the latest twist on this story. >> reporter: two inspectors general from the state department are recommending a criminal probe into whether or not classified information was stored on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. we don't know if she's the target of the probe. in fact, the justice department has not said yet they will do this investigation, but these inspectors who are looking through some of the 55,000 e-mails that were stored on her
11:50 am
server are recommending that. follow up from the state department secretary of state saying they are trying to get the e-mails out of the public as soon as possible. reaction this morning from the republican party the head of the party says that they need a full investigation to try to figure this out. and, of course, it is worth noting that hillary clinton has said repeatedly that she did nothing wrong, that she did not store anything classified on her personal server and her campaign has also said everything she had has been turned over to the state department. >> thank you, tracy. is a normal w
11:51 am
you tube adding new video ed itting tools. a 360 degree reality tool and making it easier to keep track of the channels you subscribe
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to. well chris brown finally left the philippines this morning after a three-day delay. the grammy award winning singer was being held in manila due to a fraud complaint. it was over a cancelled concert last new year's eve. >> he said he was in the country to perform to make up for the missed show. the 26-year-old tweeted earlier today saying someone needs to be accountable for mixing my name in all this. i've done nothing wrong. he was able to get an immigration clearance to leave the country. a lot of workers out there are saying the idea of working nine to five is becoming less and less normal. i'm sure you understand. that is according to an online survey that career did. researchers spoke to people in jobs that historically do have a nine to five structure and based on the numbers the borders
11:53 am
between work and home becoming completely blurred these days. half of everyone surveyed said they check their work e-mail outside of the office. 42% say work is the first thing they think about when they wake up. all and all 63% say the idea of working a nine to five workday is outdated. sound familiar? >> yeah. these things right here have done it to us because we check e-mail five million times a day, in the bathroom, on vacation. the weekend could present traffic troubles if you're not careful.
11:54 am
we have your first four traffic in montgomery county real road work happening. this is georgia avenue at randolph road. only one lane open in each direction. friday night until 5:00 a.m.
11:55 am
mont morning is when all of this will wrap up. some 15-minute total closures with crews on scene. pedestrians will be able to get through. that is good. best thing to do take the alternate. connecticut avenue is your best friend when dealing with this and expect some delays if you decide to battle the roads. have a good one. >> this weekend marks one year since the first phase of the silver line debuted in northern virginia. new data shows a station is outperforming projections for the number of riders at this point. according to new numbers given to wtop, an average of 9100 riders entered that station on an average week day last month. stations in the tyson area have yet to reach their projected week day numbers. about 3400 riders enter the tyson's corner station on an average week day.
11:56 am
the second stage is expected to open in 2018. when you are out and about this weekend, you can track the storm team 4 up dated forecast on the nbc washington app. right now a gorgeous blue sky. much of the and upper 80s. near 90 in the immediate metro near. tomorrow near 90 again. a lot of sun. humid on sunday and partly cloudy. perhaps a few storms on monday afternoon. after that, hot and humid midweek next week. have a great weekend. >> you too. that is it for news 4 midday. we're back on air this afternoon. first at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather updates any time with our nbc news washington app.
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